Sunday, 8 November 2015

Light it up for BCAM

As I'm sure most of you are aware, October was officially Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is a cause that is extremely close to my heart, so every year I try to at least do something, whether it's big or small, to help make a difference.

I'm very lucky and privileged to work for an amazing company who are very charitable. Avon Cosmetics are one of Breast Cancer Now's official sponsors and every year help make a difference to change lives.

This year we took part in something so exciting… we lit up our office pink!! This was an initiative set by Breast Cancer Now, to help raise awareness while showing support. Many companies across the UK also took part in this brilliant activity and had the press going wild! It was kept a secret until the night of the lighting, and it was so hard to keep it quiet! But it had an amazing turn out and I had everyone messaging me asking what was going on! But they all loved it so it was a great success :) 

Check out an article about Avon's pink initiative in Northampton here.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Making a change

I know I'm writing this post at the end of April, so technically it isn't the beginning of the year anymore - however, when 2015 started, I said I was going to do more activities. I know saying 'activities' is quite an open word and could mean anything, but I just wanted to do more. Do more charity events, do more active events, do more for other people and just get involved more. I didn't want to get to the end of 2015 and be like okay so, what have I actually done this year that's helped other people? Here's a few things that are already sticking out for me:

Charity event

In March, I took part in the Crazy Hats Walk with my work team. The walk is an annual event held at the same place every year and raises money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. I have taken part in the walk a few times because Breakthrough is a charity that is very close to my heart. Charity events always get to me, because you know everyone there has been affected one way or another. Reading everyone's reasons for being there and taking part were inspiring yet emotional.

When we'd finished the walk, it was a great feeling to know I'd helped towards making a difference and knew I had achieved something.

If you live local I would definitely recommend attending the Crazy Hats Walk, nothing beats a fresh Sunday morning walk, especially when it's for such an amazing charity.

Doing something for someone else

This month I nominated my mum for an Inspirational Mothers Award. I wrote a piece about her raising my sister and I on her own, and how she'd battled her way through Breast Cancer and yet still managed to come out smiling. I had an email to say she had been shortlisted and she had been invited down to London for a day to have afternoon tea, drink champagne and mingle with celebrities. She was so excited when I told her and couldn't stop crying! She's highly emotional anyway, but I loved seeing her reaction.

The winners are all announced on the day, so travelling down we had no idea if she would win or not, but we were just excited to have been invited. A few cakes, scones and a few glasses of champers later, the presenter took to the stage to announce the first winner for the Inspirational Mother's category, and we were so ecstatic to find out she had won! I was so happy for her and she truly does deserve her award.

All the Inspirational winners. My mum is 3rd from the left. *Photo taken from IWA
The fact that my mum won due to something I had wrote and nominated her for was incredible. It made her so happy and she was so honoured to be nominated, let a lone be a winner. These events are so uplifting because you are just surrounded by so many inspirational people. It is of course extremely emotional hearing everybody's stories, and I would like to congratulate every one who was there and had been shortlisted for the amazing work that they do.

My mum and my sister with the award
Know someone you'd like to nominate? Check out the website here

Active charity event

My best friend and I have managed to get a team together to run the Race for Life event on June 7th. This morning I realised that it is only 6 and a half weeks away and I have not yet done any running. Crap.

I've been going to the gym 2/3 times a week and doing a class, but I'm not too sure that's going to help me run 5k. Now I've dragged a team together and made them sign up, I'm pretty sure this means I definitely have to take part.

I ran/jogged/walked/crawled Race for Life 3 years ago so I'm hoping to beat my time this year. Our team will have a joint Just Giving page, so as long as I help raise money and awareness for Breakthrough Brest Cancer then I'll be happy. I'm finally off out for my first run tonight..... wish me luck! :)

Thinking of taking part in this years Race for Life? Click here for all the details.... go on you know you want to! If you're not ready to run the event, you can easily just walk around with your family and friends. Or if you're a fitness fanatic you can even take part in the 10k event.

Let me know if you're taking part!

Chanelle x

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Gaining some pinspiration....

I go through stages where I develop a slightly obsessive craze with Pinterest. I feel like it will help me get through life, no matter what mess I'm in. For example; I threw a paddy the other day because my braces were hurting, and I immediately wanted them removed. So I looked at perfect teeth on Pinterest and suddenly felt a lot better. Ok so I won't look anything like these perfect-teethed people, but we can pretend.

If you're a fellow Pinterest addict (the first step is admitting it), you'll know that I could have uploaded 10 million photos below. I chose these select few because at this moment in time they've really stood out to me; Either because I'd secretly love pink hair, want to go live in LA or just because I would like summer to hurry up. Anyway, here's a few pics that have given me some pinspiration…..





*These photos have been taken from Pinterest and are not my own. All of them have been re-pinned onto my profile, so please visit to see the original pages.

What do you think? Has Pinterest given you the same inspiration as it has me?

If you're on Pinterest, don't forget to leave your links below! :)

Chanelle x

Monday, 29 December 2014

My highlights of 2014

I have to say 2014 has been one of the most amazingly eventful years I've had for a long time. Looking back, I can't actually believe so much has happened, but wow has it been a GREAT year. I landed my dream job, reconnected with great friends, made the best new friends, decided to do things that I'd always said I'll do and of course got engaged!!

As they say on Big Brother - "Here's your best bits"

Getting engaged
My boyfriend whisked me away to the South of France in June and popped the question on a BEAUTIFUL rooftop bar in Cannes. I know, how cute. I'm not the most romantic person, so I didn't actually cry at the time, I was just hysterically laughing for a week due to shock and hysteria. However, 6 months later, it has now kicked in - crap. I have to plan a wedding.

New Job
After working in the same job for 5 years, last year I FINALLY realised what I wanted to do with my career. I love all things digital and I'm a strong believer that everything is heading in the digital way. Take blogging for instance, this has become HUGE this year. So after writing, blogging, tweeting and facebooking, I managed to get a role as Community Content Editor and I LOVE IT. I get to work with social media, write content for websites, AND I get paid to blog. Amazing right?

New York
One of the places I've always wanted to go is New York. Every time I see an american TV show or film, every time I see a realllly famous celebrity getting papped just walking out of Starbucks, or every time I see someone with a 'little brown bag' I'd just wish I was in NY. Well this year I ACTUALLY got to go, it was everything I'd imaged and more. I honestly had the holiday of a lifetime. If you're thinking of going I would definitely say go for it - you won't regret it! See my previous post here for some more info.

It's easy to get caught up with your boyfriend/fiancé and want to spend all your time with them, especially if it's quite a new relationship. But don't forget your friends. They'll be the ones who will be there if things don't work out with your man. So make sure you still spend as much time with them as you can. Even if it's just dinner once a month or a text now and then, every little gesture will make a difference. I realised how much I valued my friends when I got engaged, I could easily end up with 15 bridesmaids!

Finally doing it!
I've lost count the amount of times I've said "I'm going to get a brace" "I'm going to get fit" "I'm going start a Journalism course" Well this year, I done all 3! I finally went and got my braces after moaning about my teeth for about 8 years. I went for my first brace consultation 3 years ago, but for some reason or another didn't actually end up getting one, but now, I have! You can read about my 6 Month Smiles journey here.

I've also started a Journalism course on FutureLearn. I skipped Uni because at that point in my life I didn't know what I wanted to do, and a career in social media just didn't exist. No-one blogged and the only real social activity was based around My Space (yes, I really am that old).

I 've been a member of a few gyms before and have never really enjoyed it. I think part of it is because I live in a different town to all of my friends and going to the gym alone just ain't fun. So I brought a bunch of fitness DVDs and have dedicated myself to these instead. My favourite ones are the Davina work outs, Ministry of Sound dance ones and my most recent purchase (which I love) is the Made In Chelsea FIT workout DVD, If you can't face the gym, get one of these instead - they're much cheaper! ;)

What's been your best moments of 2014?

Chanelle :)

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Mallzee's Amazing App!

Always on your phone? Yeah, me too! I often get told "get off your phone" and "watch where you're going" because my face is always glued to my screen. I should probably take notice of the advice, as it might stop me walking into things on a daily basis. However, with the new Mallzee app, there's a good chance I'm going to keep walking into people/things/lampposts.

If you've read my previous Mallzee blog post, you'll already know I'm a huge fan of Mallzee. The fact that I can shop all my favourite brands in one place, with a personal stylist, all while chillin' in my comfys makes me squeal with delight. The fact they now have an app makes it even easier to dedicate some time to shopping… even while you're on the go!
So let me tell you a bit more about the Mallzee app;
  • Get all your fave brands in 1 place
  • Ask for opinions from your friends by sending them different outfit choices through social media
  • Create your own style feed for different occasions
  • Want to bargain shop? - Get notifications when your perfect outfit drops in price
  • Get all this whilst laying in bed? Say whaaaaaat?
Download the app HERE

Let me demonstrate to you a couple of places that you can clothes shop thanks to Mallzee:

                                                                             At work…
Instead of having squeeze in a search of 50 websites on your coffee break, you can just shop all the brands in one place! Saves ALOT of time when you're trying to do a sly clothes shop…..none of your colleagues will ever know! ;)          
                                                                   While drinking......                                                                                  
This is also highly dangerous

While your other half is trying to take a selfie....      When chilling in bed…..

"Smile for the camera"
"Soz babe I'm busy shopping"
When it's miserable and raining outside, we can stay in doors! wahoo.

Why not download the app today and check it out for yourself?! It's easy and free! BUZZIN.

Friday, 10 October 2014

YouTube Friday!

Today's YouTube Friday goes to the amazing Ed Sheeran. Every time I watch this video it just makes me wish I could dance like that - even though I'm pretty sure I will NEVER be able to move like this lady. (FYI - She's Brittany from So You Think You Can Dance)

I don't really feel like I need to say much more, so take a look a the video below, and happy Friday!

Thursday, 2 October 2014

New York baby!

I've been back from New York 3 weeks now and I STILL have the holiday blues. I've been trying to come up with cunning plans of why I NEED to go back, but so far my boyfriend, my bank balance and my boss won't seem to agree to my plans. I'm not going to bore you all with a whole minute by minute diary of what I got up to in New York (it would take a very long time, the 3,000 photos on my camera prove this). So I'll just upload some main points!

I had to obviously go and see all the main attractions, which they were all absolute incredible. We were blessed with amazing weather, which made the 1,0000 miles trekking and site seeing even more enjoyable. I can't even say which one was my favourite because I was overwhelmed with them ALL. The view from the top of the Rockefella Centre is unbelievable and Times Square at night just gives you an instant buzz. If you're a TV or film fan, then you'll know that more or less everywhere you go, you notice somewhere that has been featured in a programme or film.

Some of the things we got up to were:
  • Shopping on 5th Ave
  • Top of the Rock
  • Empire State
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Ground Zero
  • Times Square
  • Biked around Central Park
  • Stalked Celebrities
  • Attended a Diesel show at NYFW
Statue of Liberty
Clearly just posing
Soho House NY
The Boathouse
View from top of the Rock
Times Square
Bit of a blurry photo… but these are the lights shining from where the Twin Towers used to be.
View of the Empire State from a sky bar called 230-fifth

Where's good to eat?
I'm pretty sure everywhere you go in NY is good but I'll name a few places I went to that I like:
  • The Boathouse - a restaurant in the middle of Central Park, with a stunning view!
  • 230-fifth - The most amazing sky bar, they even give you blankets when it's cold!
  • Soho House - probably the best meal I had all week
  • The Hudson - as featured in Sex and the City - brilliant club with a great rooftop bar
  • Sushi Damo - a tasty Japanese restaurant with the best sushi I've ever had!
I'll be uploading another post soon which will be less pictures of me and more pictures of the beautiful sights of New york!

Saturday, 20 September 2014

New York Fashion Week

This time last week I was in one of the most amazing cities EVER. Yes, that's right, I was in New York. It's the first time I've been to New York and I was overwhelmed. Everyone tells you it's amazing, but you never quite know just what it's like until you see it for yourself. While I was there I was also lucky enough to attend the Diesel Black Gold collection at New York fashion week. I couldn't believe it myself either, not only was I in New York but I was attending fashion week!!

My next blog post will be about my adventure in New York, but this post is solely on NYFW!

The show from Diesel was amazing (as expected, obvs).  The collection kept the 'cool style' reputation that Diesel has, but it also gave that upmarket feel to the Black Gold selection. It was very rock 'n' roll but with a touch of elegance by featuring black leather and stud detailing, with crop tops and a-line skirts. "This collection is about a rockabilly girl gone New Wave", cited designer Andreas Melbostad backstage to journalists.

I even managed to keep my cool as celebrities such as Rita Ora walked straight past me.

I was actually surprised at the airport with news that I'd be attending NYFW, so as you can imagine, I didn't have much time to plan my outfit. As we were attending the show on the second day, I didn't have much time to shop either! Luckily, I'd packed some decent outfits and managed to get my outfit together! Plus, without even realising, the outfit pretty much fitted in with the show, with a girly leather look! Phew!

Top and shoes: New look
Skirt: Missguided
Bag: (which you can just about see, sorry) Next

Friday, 15 August 2014

Daring to be Bold!

I am in love with my new Ultra Colour Bold Lipstick from Avon. These colours are AMAZING. Not only do they glide on heavenly, but they also look vibrant and stay firmly in place. Avon have released 10 new colours in the Bold range, starting with the lighter nude shades and working up to the darker shades (I only have 8 shades below, but the other 2 shades are just as fab). My favourites are Power Plum and Fearless Fuchsia, the Fuchsia is an amazing barbie pink!

1. Fearless Fuchsia
2. Magenta Flash
3. Bold Bordeaux
4. Bright Nectar
5. Ruby Shock
6. Power Plum
7. Pink Punch
8. Rapid Rose

Below I have on Power Plum; with this colour you don't need a lot of eye make-up as the lipstick speaks for itself, I only applied one coat for daytime, but you can add some more coats for a more dramatic evening look. I always find a good lipstick can completely change your look. As the weather can't really decide what it wants to do at the moment, we can get away with wearing both light or dark lipstick.

You can order yours from an Avon Representative or through the Avon shop